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Recognizing Spiritual Experiences

 My first year in Eckankar, I wanted to know if this Eckankar was real. I wanted experiences on the inner planes. I’d had a couple of experiences in the Sound and Light, but it’s interesting how fast they fade and how quickly you forget. It’s like a ball player who had a good last year, but this year if he’s hitting .201 and his fielding errors get way up there, the coach puts him on the bench. It’s the old story of “What have you done for me lately?” And in the same way, you forget spiritual experiences.
So one night I asked Paul Twitchell about this on the inner planes. He was sitting in an easy chair just watching me as I paced the floor in front of him, deep in thought, with my hands crossed behind my back in the classic thinker position. I was walking back and forth for show. I said, “When am I ever going to have experiences on the inner planes, with you or with the Sound and Light of ECK?” Of course, I didn’t realize it was happening. This was in the dream state, and I thought I was wide awake.
He just looked at me for a while, and then he turned his head toward a picture of a lady who had been on the earth plane about 199 years. She had gone the entire route, from childhood to adulthood, and she’d had experiences at every level. Paul looked at me again and
pointed to the picture. It was as if he said, “I don’t know how to break this to you. You are a young man, but even when you get to be that age, it doesn’t look good.”
I knew it was all over then. “Yeah,” I said, “the spiritual path is too hard. I’ve been on it a year, and I remember a couple of experiences, but they don’t happen often enough. It doesn’t look as though I’m ever going to make any progress on this path to God.” Paul just sat there with his arms folded, watching me. I walked away very upset and immediately woke up in my bed wondering, “When am I ever going to have an inner experience with the Sound and Light?” The experience had come about so naturally that it took me almost half a day to figure it out. The ECK Masters work in subtle ways.
The three attributes that come from the practice of the Spiritual Exercises of ECK are charity, wisdom, and freedom. Wisdom is something beyond what we’re usually taught in the lower worlds—and here I’m referring to the Physical, Astral, Causal, Mental, and Etheric planes—where we gather information of only the shallowest kind. As soon as you come into the spiritual worlds above the Fifth Plane, you begin to get some of the spiritual knowledge for the first time. And it’s
After you’ve been in the spiritual planes for a while, at the Ninth Plane and beyond, then you begin to come into the wisdom of ECK. Much of what is passed off as wisdom in books and elsewhere really isn’t wisdom at all. It’s a form of information, and it’s only information about some man’s opinion. There is nothing wrong with this since it may lead some person to the next step where he can look to that inner temple and find the way to step onto this path himself. It can help one to find a path that will enhance his own efforts toward self-recognition of Truth, and finally the God knowledge or God-Realization.
—Harold Klemp,
The Journey of Soul,
Mahanta Transcripts,
Volume 1, p.p.107-108

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