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Two Forces
I wanted to discuss the lower (censor) and higher (translator) aspects of the Etheric mind because I thought you might find it interesting as you work with the two forces within yourself, the spiritual and the negative. Both forces are from God, the SUGMAD.
In ECK we understand that the negative powers are there to temper Soul. Perhaps the other religions will learn eventually that the evil powers, being subordinate to the divine power of God, must be here for a purpose, otherwise it would not be allowed to survive. Its purpose is to temper Soul. It’s that simple.
If you are confronted by negative things and are inspired to exert the spiritual rather than the negative force within yourself, then you have gained in spiritual unfoldment. You have become more a son or daughter of God. You are growing into your own divinity.
Into the Light
I would like to give a technique that will help if you have a dream you don’t like. Close your eyes and go into contemplation for about fifteen minutes. Begin by chanting HU—one of the most beautiful words in the language of mankind. After you have chanted HU for a few minutes, rewind the dream that upset you or left you somewhere you didn’t want to be. Run through the dream mentally, from the beginning up to the place where you awoke. Then try to take it one step further.
Perhaps the dream ended with you in a frightening situation—let’s say a dark basement. In your spiritual exercise, take it to the point where you were left in the dark basement. Then use your imaginative faculty to get yourself out of there: Visualize an open door that leads to golden sunlight. Know that this golden light is the Light of Divine Spirit, the Light of ECK, the Light of God. Look to the Light, and listen for the Sound.
Remember, when you have a dream that you would like to change, you can go into contemplation and use this technique to take the dream one step further. Always take it to a higher level. Move it out of the darkness, out of the silence and loneliness. Take it to the Light and Sound of God.
Through this Spiritual Exercise of ECK, you are creating for yourself an open door to a greater world. Soon you will find that you have established a new habit. When you run into dark and troubling times, awake or asleep, you will be in the habit of creating for yourself a brighter world in which you can be happier and more satisfied than you were before.
If you can achieve an improvement over yesterday, even a small one, then you have gained significantly. You, with the help of the Dream Master, have done it yourself. You are taking charge of your own world because you are becoming a creator.
Sri Harold Klemp,
The Dream Master
Mahanta Transcripts, Book 8, pp. 17-19


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